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Etna Naturalistic Excursion

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6 H

2 -5

English, Italiano


Lead by an expert, the excursions is a day spent with a small friendly tour group, beautiful nature, endemic flora and fauna, cinder cones and lava caves of Etna Regional Nature Park. You will enjoy a pleasant hike for a duration of approximately 3 hours to admire the fascinating landscape of the volcano. The guide will consider time by time the path to follow according to participants physical conditions, weather conditions and volcanic activity.


Mountain Equipment / backpack / water/ packed lunch

Brief summary about the site

Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, It is 3340 meters high and covers an area of 1200 square kilometers. It was born 500 thousand years ago and is a system of volcanic buildings. Its frequent eruptions throughout history have changed, sometimes profoundly, the surrounding landscape, appearance and morphology. Etna park is beautiful not only for its eruptions and for its lava flow, but also for the unique environment surrounding it, rich in sounds, perfumes and colors. An enchanting landscape protected by a park, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit if you are in Sicily.

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